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Social Services

Admission & Discharge
We are here to assist and support you through the Admissions process. Our staff will help you complete required paperwork and steps outlined by Medicare, Medicaid, V.A. and other entities. Our goal is to anticipate needs and to partner with you and your family to complete the process.

Should you transition back to your home, your Social Services Coordinator will aid you in the process. She will offer to contact various agencies in the community that can assist you with your healthcare needs.

Appointments & Transportation
While you are with us, you may have various appointment and transportation needs. Our Social Services staff will be happy to make arrangements and coordinate these with you.

Emotional Support
Moving into a nursing facility can be an emotional step for you and for your loved ones. Social Service personnel will assemble the team to provide needed support for you and for your family. Support groups or counseling may be recommended. We will extend an empathetic ear to your concerns having had personal experience with nursing home admissions of loved ones.

  Social Service Director: Kristen Ryan

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